Gene Therapy


After a little schedule adjustment Ray and I are finally at NIH tonight for his bone marrow aspirate, scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully it will occur early enough in the day for everyone to check out Ray and approved him to leave by tomorrow afternoon/evening. Today was one of those days […]

First step

Next week Ray has to be at NIH for a couple of days for a bone marrow aspirate. I believe this is to provide all the information on the current or baseline ability of his bone marrow including cell production lines and chimerism. Wednesday will be all the typical pre-op […]

Ready, Set…

Waiting has been hard. Last September it seemed everything needed to start Gene Therapy for Ray would occur in record speed. I expected to see everything gear up beginning in January, but nothing happened. NIH had to wait for new vectors from St  Jude and then test them to make […]

So it begins

November 16th we were at NIH for additional blood work and for Ray to sign the consent for apheresis in order to prepare for the XSCID gene therapy protocol. However, this is not the first time Ray has been to NIH for apheresis. He was there in 2001 when both […]