Virginia Advisory Committee Votes YES for Screening

From the IDF’s SCID Newborn Screening Blog On October 4, Virginia’s Genetics Advisory Committee met to discuss the proposed addition of SCID to the state’s newborn screening panel.  IDF Board of Trustees member Barb Ballard presented on the current status of implementation throughout the country.  Dr. Anne Comeau from Massachusetts’ […]

What’s a Twibbon?

I created a Twibbon!  I know you’re wondering, “What’s a Twibbon?”  Well, a Twibbon is a little tag or sticker that you can put onto your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter.  So, what kind of “Twibbon” did I create?  A SCID Newborn Screening Twibbon, of course.  Now you can […]

Take Action in Virginia

Originally written for the IDF SCID Newborn Screening Blog My son Ray was born with XSCID, but since there was no family history of the disease, he was not diagnosed until he was so sick with pneumonia that he was on a ventilator. He has permanent organ damage because of […]