What’s a Twibbon?

I created a Twibbon!  I know you’re wondering, “What’s a Twibbon?”  Well, a Twibbon is a little tag or sticker that you can put onto your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter.  So, what kind of “Twibbon” did I create?  A SCID Newborn Screening Twibbon, of course.  Now you can show that you support the addition of SCID Newborn Screening to the screening panel for ALL states by adding The SCID Newborn Screening Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.  Go to Twibbon.

If you’d like to create a profile picture of your own to use somewhere besides Facebook or Twitter, here’s the overlay file in a transparent PNG format. Right click on the link and choose “Save Target As” to save this file to your computer.  You can use use a program like Photoshop to overlay the SCID Newborn Screening Twibbon over your own picture.  If you use the file, please comment below and tell me how and where you used it.