T-Shirt Sayings

Over the last several years we’ve managed to acquire a collection of t-shirts with sayings that are quite apropos when worn by a kid who doesn’t hear.  Just thought I would share a few of them as I get a chance.  We find them rather funny, and Ray has the […]

Cue Camp VA 2007

Yet another year of CCVA is over.  Held at the 4-H Center on the James River in Jamestown, VA, the site now feels quite comfortable and familiar.  Every year’s return to this event renews one’s passion to the use of Cued Speech as you mingle and mix with families.  I’m […]

Coming up to date

Well, once we found out Ray was hearing impaired that brought on a whole new set of IEP goals. We changed Ray’s school to better meet those needs. He started 3rd Grade at Canterberry Woods Elementary. Fairfax County supports 3 modalities for hearing impaired students. They have sign language, whole […]