Visiting Race Shops – day 2

Day 2, we left the Greensboro area and headed toward Charlotte where we planned to watch a Legends race at Charlotte Motor Speedway that night. Our first stop was Joe Gibbs Racing. The receptionist here was one of the nicest people we met. We stood there chatting with her for quite […]

Visiting Race Shops – day 1

Since Ray is at camp we decided to stay in the area and visit race shops. I can’t get but so far away from him, so staying in North Carolina was the easiest thing to do. On Monday, our first day on our own, we started out in the area […]

Victory Junction Gang Camp

Victory Junction Gang Camp Dropped Ray off yesterday at the Victory Junction Gang Camp.  What an amazing place.   Took this picture at the entrance. Quite honestly, their website doesn’t do justice to the facility.  The entire design concept is just incredible.  It’s nothing like “camp” the way I knew it […]

Richmond Bush Race

Thought this was a good picture to share. Here is Ray and his friend Glen at the Richmond Bush Race in September ’06. The boys loved being able to listen to the race on the scanner. It was Glen’s first race and so he wasn’t sure what was really going […]