I hate it when that happens

I just happened to open my own blog last night and guess what?  It wouldn’t open, at least not in Internet Explorer.  When I tried again in Firefox, things looked just fine.  Since we’ve had a recent virus attack on Don’s computer, I was afraid that a virus has come […]

Sticky Notes for your computer

There are a few different blogs which I read frequently, but for some reason I feel most compelled to respond to things that I find on Elle’s blog.  This comment/post actually tracks back further than that to another blog about which Elle wrote: Love Well – The Post Deluge.  Today […]

Pierce Evan Christian

Meet Pierce Evan Christan, born on November 16th to Gordon and Kelly.  He’s my mom’s (Roberta’s) first great-grandson.  I guess that makes me a great aunt.  Boy, that sounds horrible.  I don’t think I like the sound of that.  That sounds worse than saying my sister is now a grandmother.  Anyway, […]