Yearly Archives: 2008

Roberta Trow Luce

To all, Mom passed away early this morning after breaking her leg/hip on Saturday, the 27th.  All her organs were slowly shutting down even before the fall.  She was under hospice care for the last couple of days and all of us were there to be with her over those […]

Cued Speech Video

Ray and Don and I are in a new Cued Speech video which is presented by the National Cued Speech Association.  The video is called Who Uses Cued Speech?  We are one of several families interviewed on why we chose Cued Speech as the primary communication modality for our child/children. […]

Nikon D90

It was just before Cue Camp that I got my new Nikon D90.  Prior to shooting with it, I wouldn’t have thought you could’ve pried my D80 out of my hands for anything.  I loved the way that camera worked.  I was comfortable with it and knew it’s nuances.  Let’s […]


Ray was published this summer!  It’s his first published article on a website that’s not mine.  Actually, it’s a site run by his Tae Kwon Do instructor, Mark, who is also a Science teacher at Lake Braddock Secondary School.  Ray got a picture of a very large beetle and Mark had […]

Flying Circus

It’s been a while since I put up any new photos.  I thought these would be good ones to show off.  We went to the Flying Circus in Bealeton on August 17th.  It’s an old fashioned air show, with bi-planes.  You can even ride in some of the planes. Ray […]

NIH Protocol for IGF-1

Starting early Thursday morning and ending Sunday night Ray and I were staying inpatient at NIH.  According to recent research, XSCID boys who do not fully reconstitute a strong immune system also have problems with growth.  A number of them are below the 3rd percentile for height. It seems that […]

Cue Camp Virginia Is Coming!

CCVA is coming!  The information and registration forms are online now at Cue Camp Virginia.  There are new forms and new scholarship opportunities, especially if you’re a family with a deaf/HOH preschooler, and you live in the Northern Virginia area.  The Fairfax Lions Club has graciously supplied funds to provide […]

I hate it when that happens

I just happened to open my own blog last night and guess what?  It wouldn’t open, at least not in Internet Explorer.  When I tried again in Firefox, things looked just fine.  Since we’ve had a recent virus attack on Don’s computer, I was afraid that a virus has come […]