Cue Camp Virginia Is Coming!

CCVA is coming!  The information and registration forms are online now at Cue Camp Virginia.  There are new forms and new scholarship opportunities, especially if you’re a family with a deaf/HOH preschooler, and you live in the Northern Virginia area.  The Fairfax Lions Club has graciously supplied funds to provide scholarships to these Northern Virginia preschool families.  For families with a newly diagnosed child it’s important to learn the system for Cued Speech and begin using it as soon as possible.  Read this information sheet from NCSA on Cueing with Babies.


Here’s a clue how these scholarships became available: Don is a member of the Fairfax Lions and has been relentlessly promoting Cued Speech to the club.  He also started the Car Donation Program in order to raise the funds to help support the local area Cued Speech families.  Do you have a car you’d like to donate?  Do you know someone who does?  Please visit the Car Donation Website to learn more.  One of the core missions for Lions Clubs everywhere is to support those who are deaf or hearing impaired.  So, to those of you out there who think it’s a great idea that Lions Clubs support Cued Speech, I urge you to find your local Lions Club and join it!  If you live in Northern Virginia you might want to consider joining the Fairfax Lions.  If you live in other areas, join a club and help them to learn more about Cued Speech.  The Fairfax Lions will help you, especially if you’re in the Washington Metro Area.


OK, enough about Lions for now.  This post is supposed to be about Cue Camp Virginia!  It’s time to register and get ready for this once a year event.  Don’t miss out!