Daily Archives: December 7, 2016

Kinked Line

Geez Ray, 4 Doctors 3 nurses and a mom. You sure know how to gather a crowd when complications happen! New IV catheter kinked in the middle of the stem cell collection. ┬áRushing to repair it in a short time window before the blood clots off in the lines and […]

In Apheresis

He didn’t get to apheresis until after 2pm and it was after 3pm before the process could begin. The staff here is being great and several have volunteered to stay late this evening to get the most benefit possible from today’s collection of cells. 

Starting with a delay

Ray was sent to interventional radiology first thing this morning only to be sent back to his room. Apparently a scheduling conflict for the anesthesiologist now has him on a 2 hour delay.