Victory Junction Gang Camp

Well Ray is very excited!  He got his acceptance letter from Victory Junction Gang Camp for this summer.  His friend Michael who went with him last year also got accepted. So did Forest, who’s never been before.  The camp theme for the week they will attend is Superhero Week.  I wonder what type of special themed activities will be planned?  Last year their week had a carnival theme.  One of the special events included balloon rides over the camp.  I don’t know whether they will have that again this year or not.  The Immunology session is combined with Sickle Cell this year.  Last year it was combined with GI and that was actually more appropriate for Ray since he fit both categories.  The change in pairing also means that some of the kids he got to know last year won’t be at camp the same week he’s there.  I know that Jake will be there the week before Ray.

This will be the 5th summer of operation for Victory Junction Gang Camp.  They have a new Superdome which was sponsored by Kurt Busch.  We got a a chance to not only see it, but play a game of kickball inside it during the Family Weekend in January.  I’m not sure what else will be new this year, but I’m sure Ray won’t be disappointed.  He can’t wait to go!